Baseball Gumballs 1 Pound


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  • Home Run White Baseball Vending Gumballs These gumballs are perfect for your All Star Put on your catchers mit and get ready to play ball! You will hit base after base with this arrangement of fruity Dubble Bubble gum balls. These replica baseball gumballs will have you wanting to go out to the next ball game. Each gumball is printed with popular baseball terms such as GRAND SLAM, HOME RUN, STOLEN BASE, and many more. Also take notice of the detailed print stitching that has turned these gumballs into authentic baseball look-a-likes. The team will love them because they always score a home run! Gumball Specifications * Size: 1″ diameter (25mm) White w/ Black Detail * Flavor(s): Fruit * Weight: 1 lb. approx. Made by Concord, these bulk vending gumballs are OU Kosher Certified. One inch gumballs typically vend for 25 cents in commercial vending machines that have a 1″ gumball dispensing wheel /toy capsule wheel. Gumballs store best in a cool, dry, low humidity location. Their shelf life can be up to 18 months if not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.
  • Baseball Gumballs 1 Pound