Boston Baked Beans 1 Pound


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  • Peanut lovers will appreciate these unique, flavorful Boston Baked Bean candies, with their classy burgundy colored candy shell and fresh peanut center. A favorite among New Englanders, these Boston Baked Beans are a fun treat to serve for any occasion, from birthday parties and showers to sporting events.
  • Fill a metal pot to the brim with these yummy candies and watch as guests take a second look, unsure if these are real baked beans or their candy counterparts!
  • You can also serve these as a garnish with ice cream or other desserts that would benefit from a peanut-flavored accent.
  • They are even a great complement to a rich chocolaty torte or cake, offsetting the intense chocolate with a dose of savory peanut flavoring. You’ll find that these treats are a popular tourist item sold at many souvenir shops in Boston and surrounding New England towns, so take a taste of these and see what all the fuss is about.
  • Boston Baked Beans 1 Pound
  • Made by Sconza Candy