Funko POP Disney Maleficent Vinyl Figure


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  • Stands 3.75″ tall
  • Classic icon
  • Quit draggin
  • The tale of Maleficent is one that teaches every king to invite even the most wicked of fairy witches to your party. If you don’t, your child will end up with a curse upon their head to prick a finger on a spinning wheel on their 16th birthday. That is just what Maleficent did when King Stefan did not include her in the celebration of Princess Aurora’s birth. This is one witch that knows she is not one to be messed with.Now you can have your own Disney villain as part of your collectible collection when you pick up this POP Disney Maleficent Vinyl Figure! – Figure
  • There’s only one Maleficent, here she is in vinyl. This 3 3/4″ Disney Maleficent Pop. Vinyl Figure presents the mascot of Disney’s rich animation history, poised to add some pop culture to your house in a unique stylized form.